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The Writer's Corner

Ramblings of an inner fangirl

11 November 1988
Christian, 23 years old, and a self-professed uber-nerd. I love practically anything artsy and creative.
3 doors down, a*teens, alan menken, all things geeky, aly and aj, amy adams, arsenic and old lace, atlantis: the lost empire, avatar: the last airbender, ayumi hamasaki, barlowgirl, batman begins, bruce coville, c.s. lewis, cadia, carrie underwood, cascada, celtic, chronicles of narnia, church, classical, comics, costume design, d.h.t., danny kaye, designing costumes, dick/kory, disney, donita k. paul, doodling, dragonheart, dragons in our midst, dragonspell, drawing, elijah wood, enchanted, evanescence, fanart, fanfiction, fangirling, fantasy, film scores, frank peretti, friends, gail carson levine, god, going to the movies, hanz zimmer, harry gregson-williams, howard shore, i'd rather be rich, island of the aunts, j.r.r. tolkien, james newton howard, jessie daniels, jesus, john williams, josh groban, kelly clarkson, krystal meyers, lifehouse, liv tyler, lord of the rings, lost, making amvs, making up languages, mermaid melody, michelle tumes, natalie grant, nickelback, numb3rs, oracles of fire, orchestra, paramore, pirates of the caribbean, playing piano, playing violin, plumb, pretty guardian sailor moon, prom dates from hell, reading, rebecca st. james, robin/starfire, sailor moon, sewing, shia labeof, shipping, skillet, soundtracks, spiderman, spiderwick chronicels, star wars, stephanie meyer, stephen curtis chapman, superchic[k], swimming, switchfoot, teen titans, the batman, the cooper kids, the court jester, the little mermaid, the mermaid summer, the track team, the vertias project, tobymac, trans-siberian orchestra, treasure planet, twilight, will smith, world-building, writing, x-ray dog, zoegirl